Savez Data Encryption

Savez encrypts user details using established AES256 encryption techniques and stores these on the users device.

No password or other any unencrypted data is stored anywhere on the device.

Master Password

As this is not stored anywhere is it vital that you remember it in order to access your details, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt and retrieve your data.

Usage Data

Minimal usage data and crash logs are collected in order to help improve the functionality of the software.

These are collected by the App Center and include the following:

• Application start and stop

• Bundle identifier, version, and short bundle version

• Device locale

• Device type, CPU, and operating system

Cloud Transfer Features

Cloud transfer features allow the user to send and receive this encrypted data to and from their own cloud site. As the cloud site belongs to the user, security of the site is the responsibility of the user and usage of this transfer feature is optional.

No username or passwords are collected to allow this feature.

Web Site Analytics

The Savez web site uses Google Analytics to anonymously record page visits and usage metrics.